Firewalls, Servers, Backups and Storage...

We step in when you need something more than the pre-packaged mass-market offerings.
We offer a fully customisable service with an IT team who take the time to listen.

Business-grade web hosting

We offer a different level of service from the flashy hosting adverts seen everywhere online. With us you get fantastic support and the comfort your systems are online, safe and secure.

Managed Servers

We offer the complete range from single core virtual machines to high performance dedicated servers.

We will help you install and configure your application or website and we monitor uptime and performance continually.

Business VPN

Need a private VPN to securely connect your remote workers to your office applications and files?

We offer a simple and secure VPN service at a sensible price.


We host terabyte (TB) sized MySQL and MariaDB databases. Yes, that is 1000 times more than most hosting companies are able to offer. Our experts can set up replication and backups and we can work with you to tune and optimise performance, including slow queries, table indexes and server memory settings.

Remote Desktops

Need a high performance NVIDIA GPU workstation for a project?

You will get a freshly installed operating system with either Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu Desktop and we can provide full administrator or root access on request.

GPU Render Farm

For the designers out there, we support Blender and Cinema 4D.

We also host all other applications including BOINC, machine learning, modeling and visualisations.

File Storage

Our file servers securely store as much data as you need on high-performance ZFS file systems. You can select from super fast NVMe drives and SSDs or you can choose high capacity hard drives (HDD).

We can help you to configure mapped drives or we can set up a secure web portal using our Ring Matrix Platform.


Without a reliable backup solution your business is at risk.

We endorse a third party cloud backup solution for data volumes up to 20TB, this covers all your hardware including servers, workstations, laptops and mobile phones.

Complete Solution

Everything above can be blended into a fast and secure layered infrastructure, complete with load balancing, mirrored databases and geo-redundant disaster recovery (DR) sites, as required.

We can craft, for example, your own enterprise grade backup solution. We currently run a backup solution for a company which has multiple mirrored copies of business critical data in the UK along with a real-time mirrored copy in Europe.

We are here to support you on the long journey and you can rest assured your infrastructure is looked after and is secure.