A little bit more about INT6

We are a UK based team of dedicated IT professionals who quietly get on with the job.

You won't find flashy graphics, "call to action" or "buy it now" statements on our websites. We'd rather grow our client base through trust, repeat business and personal introduction.

Business is not a race with a finish line. We are here for the long haul.


Everything we do has been designed to meet the highest professional and technical standards.

We take the time to get it right.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical behaviour fully endorsing all current legislation, guidelines and best practice.

Sustainability and Environment

We are absolutely committed to ensuring everything we do is sustainable and friendly to the world we live in.

Welfare, Health and Safety

It is our policy to ensure everyone working with us is always safe and can work in a nurturing environment.

Live to work or work to live?

Working Life: The INT6 Way

Want to work from home or from remote locations?
Want to work part-time, freelance or weird hours?
Holidays? How many would you like?

Culture of Excellence

You will be empowered to deliver an absolutely superb product and service. We care about what we do.

Why? Because life is so much better when your clients say:
"Wow, thank you! This is amazing!".

We are always looking for extremely talented and self-motivated people.

You'll find we do things differently. You won't find a lot of predefined jobs specifications as we believe these can restrict and pigeonhole. The job outlines defined below are only there to get the conversation started. For the right person, we are willing to take the time to tailor a position around your talents, your preferences and your personal life.

When you are ready to have that conversation send us your CV, making sure to tell us all about your perfect role.

Skills, Abilities and Personas

Front-end Developer

You will use technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build amazing tools, systems and applications.

Systems Administrator

You will work closely with the "front-end guys" to secure, tune, optimise and maintain the servers and databases used to deliver technically complex applications.

Technical Architect

Working with our clients you will design and create solutions; create detailed design specifications and be the business face of the technical team.

Training and Support

You will support and look after our clients. You will have enough technical know-how to understand the issues but this is all about customer care and communication. You will ensure our clients receive the best possible experience.

Module and API Developer

You will create robust, reusable, secure and efficient modules and APIs for use within our core systems.

Graphics and User Experience Designer

In this challenging role, you will create engaging graphics and design how people interact with our software.

Let's have a conversation...