Getting a bit more creative...

A warm welcome to Jamie Cameron

Following some exciting discussions with Aberdeen based software development company INT6 we have decided to merge our activities and take things to the next level in what we can offer. I am delighted to be joining INT6 as 3D Innovation Lead where I will head the company’s strategy to combine graphic and visualisation tools with the powerful data analysis and bespoke software currently offered by INT6 to create solutions for visual analysis which will open up a field of new possibilities. I look forward to the exciting developments over the coming year and will continue to serve your ongoing 3D visualisation needs in my new role.

Jamie Cameron

3D Visualisations

Our newly developed 3D Innovation Department brings together aesthetics with code to create truly powerful presentations and experiences. We offer a full 3D modelling and visualisation service and can integrate an extended range of data analysis and interactive tools to take your idea to the next level. Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

Oil and Gas

In the current economic climate, effective data management and visualisation can be pivotal for your success as an oil and gas business, saving you both time and money. There is no substitute for presenting your idea — be it complex or simple — in the best possible light, and this can be done effectively with 3D analysis and visualisation. We can work from technical specifications, photographs and drawings to create visual content and software to help convey your projects to clients and stakeholders in a way that makes a lasting impact.

Chain Winch


Whether you are an interior designer, architect or property developer, seeing your proposals before they are built can help you make the right decisions and lead to a cost-effective solution. Texture, materials and lighting are what define a space and this is where computer graphics can give you the edge. We can work from floor plans, sketches and reference to create stunning still images and a walk-through to help you bring your idea a step closer to reality.


Creative Sector

Having a vision of your finished product, whatever design stage you are at, not only helps you sell the idea to others, it also gives you something concrete to work towards. We can bring your product to life and show it in action with images, animation, and interactive 3D solutions. A well-honed design is a key factor in the process of conveying the purpose of your idea and we will work with you to visualise it accurately from top to bottom.